Episode 110 - Spectre Operations Review



Review time! Power Stance Gaming will be taking a look at a games, old or new, from our very own perspective. Consider it less a dissection of the rules, mechanics, and whatnot but more of a chat about the thing we liked, loved or kicked out of bed.

The boys take pick up their AK's and their M4's this week as they try out the Spectre Operations ruleset from Spectre Miniatures, using of course the incredible Spectre Miniatures to make the game look fantastic on the tabletop! Guest comments from Michael Hurrel who joined us for a fun four way... The big question though - how on earth did we convince Muddi to play a modern warfare skirmish game with METAL miniatures??? Listen in and find out! Caution: this episode may contain severe gushing from Jacob aka Spectre fanboy aka GM awesome. As always, lots to talk about! 

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